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With regular dental examinations, our dentists can help you maintain your oral health and treat any potential issues. Oral hygiene and preventative care can help avoid serious oral health issues and the need for restorative procedures.

Oral hygiene is vital in the maintenance and preservation of the teeth and gums. Oral hygiene helps to prevent gum disease, gingivitis, plaque, decay, cavities, and bad breath. 

Gum disease has been linked to health issues such as diabetes and stroke. Systemic diseases such as leukemia, heart disease, pancreatic cancer, oral cancer, and kidney disease include oral manifestations. Dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings help aid the early detection of any oral health concerns.

Smoking can cause damage to the teeth and gums and may lead to gum disease. Our dental professionals may also be able to detect development and growth issues, improper jaw alignment, and lack of proper nutrition. 

During your dental exam, your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening, take dental x-rays, update your medical history, and thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums. We will then perform a dental cleaning by gently removing tartar (calculus) to prevent oral health issues such as inflammation, gingivitis, and gum disease. 

Our dentists offer all patients a comfortable, welcoming, and informative environment. With proper daily oral hygiene, you can greatly reduce your risk for disease, infection, decay, and other oral health issues. To schedule your oral hygiene appointment, call (905) 388-7330 today! 


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